Muscles in Motion is a man with a van service offering removals and delivery services in Brighton and Hove

Muscles in Motion provides a high quality removals and delivery service at competitive rates.

For small and medium removals and deliveries in the Brighton and Hove area, we operate a simple pricing structure based on an hourly or daily rate.

Hourly prices are charged from the time we arrive to the time we leave. They include a van, fuel and one or two hard-working men. Bookings are a minimum of one hour; then charged in 20-minute increments.

Price 1 Man and Luton Van 2 Men and Luton Van
Monday to Friday£30/hour £50/hour
Saturday£40/hour £60/hour
Sunday£50/hour £70/hour
Removals in BrightonRemovals in Brighton Note: these prices are based on the use of a large Luton Van with tail lift measuring loading dimensions approximately as follow:
Rear door Load Access Dimensions (metres)

  • Door aperture height - 1,83
  • Door aperture width - 1,83

Load Space Dimensions (metres)

  • Load length - over 4
  • Maximum load width - 2
  • Interior height - 2.10

Top Box (metres)

  • Carrying weight (kg) - 30
  • Length - 1 approx
  • Width - 2.10
  • Height - 0.860

  • Cubic meters about 16
Removals in Brighton

Larger removals and removals outside Brighton and Hove

For larger removals and deliveries requiring larger vehicles or more than two staff, and for removals and deliveries outside Brighton and Hove, pricing will be on a competitive fixed price basis. We will be happy to provide you with a fixed quotation meeting your requirement.